SendStuffNow (formerly StuffIt Connect) is a service that enables you to exchange large files easily and securely. Files are uploaded to Smith Micro's secure cloud-based storage. Once uploaded, you can send email invitations to others to retrieve the files from the server. You can optionally encrypt your uploads with strong encryption. You can manage your files from your web browser or smart phone: Send additional invites, expire invites, delete files, etc.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Upload: Upload your files to the SendStuffNow server.  
  2. Invite: Send an invite to your recipient(s).
  3. Retrieve: Your recipient(s) click on the download link in their email to retrieve the file.

SendStuffNow is integrated with several Smith Micro products and native clients for Windows, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and others are available.

SendStuffNow Versions and Clients

What's New in SendStuffNow

StuffIt Connect is now SendStuffNow. If you've been using the StuffIt Connect service for a while, here are some of the new features of SendStuffNow:

  • Brand new, attractive design!
  • Upload without compression! By default, SendStuffNow uploads single files without compression so no expansion software will be required when the file is retrieved. For example if you upload a PDF or a video file, it will stay in that format on the server. When your invitees retrieve the file, it will not be packaged in a Zip or StuffIt X archive.

NOTE: Uncompressed files will use more of your storage and monthly bandwidth.

NOTE: If you password-protect an upload, the file will ALWAYS be compressed/encrypted into an archive.

  • Account Changes! Larger bandwidth limits. Uploads are no longer counted against your monthly bandwidth limits. There are also more account levels available that offer more storage and monthly bandwidth.
  • Signatures! You can now create a signature that will appear at the end of all invite notification email messages.
  • Easy StuffIt Expander download! We've simplified the process for downloading the free StuffIt Expander for Macintosh and Windows. Submitting an email address is no longer required.
  • One step upload and invite! As part of the file upload process, you can optionally add invitees rather than waiting for the upload to complete.
  • Native clients for iPhone (and iPod touch, iPad) and Windows.